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Bianco&nero: the magazine of the Experimental Center of Cinematography

Founded in 1937, "Bianco e Nero" is the oldest and longest-running film studio magazine established in Italy. Promoted by the Experimental Center of Cinematography and published in collaboration with Edizioni Sabinae, and from 2003 to 2016 by Carocci, Bianco & nero is the place of publication for advanced research on cinema. The journal's scientific committee comprises the directors of the National School of Cinema-Experimental Center of Cinematography, which trains new generations of film-makers, together with university teachers, who combine theoretical skills and interpretative perspectives. The members of the editorial team are researchers at various Italian universities who represent and express different "schools" and research trends. "Black and white" is both national and international in its approach and is structured in different sections, giving space to themes, images, documents, theories, schools, as well as the getting the best for and from the film and non-film heritage within film archives and libraries, and debates on film institutions, especially Italian ones. "Black and White", present every year at the Venice Film Festival, published its 595th issue in 2019, confirming its position as the best known and most prestigious among cinema peiodicals. Today it is available digitally on Torrossa.