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The most complete digital platform for academic publishing in the Romance languages, continuously updated and enriched with new content, Torrossa is the ideal starting point for all your academic research, study or personal reading. The recently renewed and improved website offers an even better user experience, allowing you to browse and consult digital publications from over 280 publishers from across Southern Europe, in particular from Italy and Spain. The catalogue offers research material in a wide range of subjects, from poetry to architecture, from sociology to economics, from linguistics to law, from archaeology to politics, from music to psychology.

What can I find on Torrossa?

  • Academic research in digital format
  • E-books and e-journals
  • Articles and chapters
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What can I do on Torrossa?

  • Register to create your own workspace: save the titles that interest you, compile lists and bibliographies and export citations
  • Search within the fulltext, read, study, consult
  • In many cases, you may copy text, download and print

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