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Thanks to the collaboration with important academic publishers, university presses, research associations and with lesser known but highly specialized publishers, on average 2,500 digital texts are added to Torrossa every month, many of which cannot be found elsewhere. During 2020, we have been working in synergy with publishers and universities to provide a significant increase in the number of titles available, giving readers and scholars an even richer catalogue to access directly from home. In the first semester, we have added to Torrossa: 50 new titles by Viella, one of the most authoritative publishing houses, both nationally and internationally, for history, philosophy, art and philology; 71 new titles from Editorial Comares, recognized to be among the most important Spanish publishers for social sciences and humanities; 85 titles by the historic J.M. Bosch publishing house in Barcelona, known for its procedural and criminal law publications and covering all legal disciplines; 132 new titles by Hoepli, who currently produces manuals, school, university and professional publishing.